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Preparation and Luck

Your alarm goes off each morning, and immediately your are assaulted by the list of tasks that need to be completed that day. You rack through them, scheduling them, and mentally checking off each one you complete as your day wears on. Go through the list again. Go through it honestly. Did you schedule in […]

Using Art to Heal

For those considering a career in the arts, therapy may not be the first idea that comes to mind. However, many hospitals, crisis centers, schools, and rehabilitation facilities are implementing art therapy. As a growing field, art therapy allows clients to apply themselves creatively, expressing their emotions through various artistic forms. Then, facilitated by an […]

Write & Explore

So you feel the urge to write your next story but seem to be paralyzed in a period of creative stagnation…what do you do? As tempting as putting writing off and turning Netflix on may seem, it will probably leave you unsatisfied. More importantly, that little urge will grow peskier, demanding to be dealt with […]

The Importance of Theatre Festivals

Last weekend, artsii had the pleasure of attending the Virginia Thespian Festival hosted by Virginia Tech. This wasn’t the first theatre festival artsii has traveled to, and it definitely won’t be the last. Aside from the event being a blast, it was also an awesome educational experience for high school theatre students! Our mission at artsii […]

artsii’s Business & The Arts Workshop a Success

artsii’s half day workshop; “The Business Minded Artist & Artsy Entrepreneur,” went off successfully without a hitch. Geared towards individuals who had an interest in either starting a business in the arts world or just wanted to learn more about protecting and marketing themselves as a creative freelancer, everyone seemed to enjoy the sessions. “It […]