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Analyze and Act

Holding a new script in your hands can be a bit daunting at first. As an actor, your job is not simply to memorize your lines – it is to understand why you are saying them. The process of discovering your character and their story is done through script analysis. Though there are many ways […]

Make Your Book Club a Success

Books are amazing! Creating a good one is an art form all to itself. Sadly with all the technology around us these days sometimes this gets lost in the mix. One of our favorite ways to fully experience a good book is to enjoy them with friends. That’s right, create a book club! Not only do […]

Write & Explore

So you feel the urge to write your next story but seem to be paralyzed in a period of creative stagnation…what do you do? As tempting as putting writing off and turning Netflix on may seem, it will probably leave you unsatisfied. More importantly, that little urge will grow peskier, demanding to be dealt with […]