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Preparing Percussionists

Unlike many of their fellow band members, percussionists have the task of not only mastering one instrument, but every instrument in the percussion section. This leaves an even greater challenge for band directors. As a band teacher with first-time band students, percussionists usually come in abundance and also find themselves unengaged. With limited class time, […]

The Silent Rehearsal

When it comes to running a musical rehearsal for beginning bands or choirs, you may run into some chaos every once in awhile. For these less experienced students, learning to work together as an ensemble is a new challenge. Even more challenging, is teaching this concept to new musicians. When running your next rehearsal, you […]

Marching Band Must Haves

Whether you are packing for band camp, or getting ready for a full season of marching band, there are some essential items you won’t want to forget. To get through the grueling hours that go into making a season successful, here are some must haves that will really help out: