Halloween Hacks: Costumes


We have a challenge for you this Halloween. And by “you”, we mean those of you who are scrambling to get a last minute costume together for your festivities tonight. That’s right – in a few hours you are supposed to be decked out in your trick-or-treat gear. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Instead of pulling the usual “bunny”, “football player”, or (dare we say) “wall” costume, mix it up this Halloween.

This year, go as your favorite artist! If not your favorite artist, consider just going as a cool art figure from history. Or – go as your favorite painting. The options are endless! Maybe it won’t be as scary as some of your counterparts, but it will be a unique spin on this spooky holiday. You won’t be in the line of fire for being ‘unoriginal’ either. Plus – the costumes should be pretty easy to get together since you will just be going as real people in real clothes. You can’t find everything you need in your closet? No worries! An affordable way to get those last minute pieces together is by visiting your local thrift store.

Going as your favorite artist, filmmaker, actor, writer, etc. is also a neat ice breaker for Halloween. Maybe not everyone recognizes you right away. That’s fine. What a cool way to inject a little bit of art history into the night. Taking along a prop with you probably won’t hurt either. Going as your favorite author? Make sure to also take along your favorite book by that author.

Here are some fun ideas to get your mind buzzing:

  1. Frida Kahlo
  2. Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
  3. Vincent Van Gogh
  4. Tim Burton
  5. Wes Anderson

There are tons of possibilities this Halloween. Let your costume be art inspired, and hopefully inspire others to learn about art as well!

For more ideas, check out this awesome list of art inspired Halloween costumes! Let us know your favorites, and share your costumes this Halloween!