Halloween Hacks: Makeup


So last week we filled you in on how to perfect your Halloween look with your wig. It’s time for the next step. No Halloween costume is complete without some spooky makeup. The trick to getting it just right? Well, it all starts with the materials you’re working with. So on October 31st, treat yourself.  Top off your costume the same way you would on a performance night. Put aside the face paint and pull out your stage makeup. The results will be worth it.

For starters, stage makeup is thicker and more pigmented than street makeup. In theatre, this is necessary to combat stage lights, which often wash out the actor’s face. It is used to create and define character, rendering bold looks and shadows. What is better for Halloween night? As opposed to being washed out by bright stage lights, your Halloween makeup needs to be bold in order to not get lost while going door to door in the dark. Also, stage makeup is designed to last through entire scenes, or in some cases, the entirety of a play. Its long lasting quality makes it even more fitting for a night of fun.

One fun and easy way to test out your hand at stage makeup is creating a convincing bruise. The tools required: a bruise wheel (Ben Nye brand is recommended), a makeup sponge, and a stippling sponge. Creating a convincing bruise is all about blending colors together. That’s right, a convincing bruise is several colors, not just purple. The average color wheel has some shade of red, blue, purple, green, and yellow. Here’s how:

1. Using the makeup sponge, apply a light layer of the red to the location of where you want the bruise. You determine the size and shape. Just make sure this layer is translucent. It will serve as the base layer for your bruise.

2. Next, with the stippling brush, add in some of the darker blues and purples. Remember, the bruise wheel is highly pigmented, so a little bit of makeup goes a long way. Work slowly, from the edge of the bruise inward.

3. Lastly, to age your bruise a bit, add it some light tones of green and yellow around the edges of the bruise with the makeup sponge. Make sure to blend any hard edges. This will create the illusion that the bruise is healing. The older you want your bruise to be, the more you will work these colors in.

That’s it! Make sure to send us your spooky makeup looks this Halloween!