Halloween Hacks: Wigs


Whether you’re going as Effie Trinket this year, or pulling off the classic Cruella Deville, the perfect wig can make your Halloween costume (or for that matter your next theatrical show) a hit. But when it comes to getting your wig on straight, it can be its own event.

Here are a few tips to make your newly acquired hair last all night:

First step is gathering all your hair. This can be as easy as tying it in a ponytail or bun at the nape of your neck that you pin down with bobby pins, or it can be a little more intricate if you have thicker hair. One tip for this is splitting your hair into two sections, twisting each one, and pulling them in opposite directions and pinning them down. One should be pulled to the front of your head and the other towards the nape of your neck. The point is to make your hair as flat as possible so it looks smooth under the wig. Also, be sure that your hair is pulled back from your hairline.

To eliminate those unwanted bumps under your wig, you should also use a wig cap. Place your hand inside the cap, position your hand on the crown of your head with the wig cap between your hand and your head, and then using your other hand, pull the edge of the cap to cover your hair. Once this is done, make sure your ears aren’t under the wig cap, all your little flyaways are tucked in, and that the wig cap is pulled back to the edge of your hairline.

Now that all your prep work is done, it’s time to get the wig on. Before you start, make sure you locate the front and back of the wig. The back of the wig should have a tag. Then, position the front of the wig between your eyebrows and slowly pull the wig over your head with a hand on each side until it reaches the nape of your neck. Lastly, adjust the wig so it Is pulled back to the edge of your hairline and the ear tabs are even.

Remember, when in doubt, bobby pins are life savers, so use them as needed to keep the wig in place. Make sure you always have a few extra ones around just in case.

Let us know if these tips were useful and be sure to send us pics of your Halloween hair!