How to Prepare for Your Next Vocal Audition


When preparing your audition package for your next vocal audition, nailing the notes in your song is pretty essential. But it’s important to remember that in order to nail the audition overall, there are a few extra steps to consider. Here are a few tips to make your next vocal audition a success!

Don’t Get Too Technical

Yes, technique is critical when it comes to your audition, especially when you are limited to presenting only a certain number of musical bars.  You want to show your auditors that you are proficient in your craft. But equally important to musical technicality is comprehension of story. A vocal audition is about more than singing a song beautifully. It is about telling a story and moving your audience. So when you are working through the song, go through and work it as a monologue as well. Get out of your comfort zone by ditching rhythm, tempo, and pitch. Think about yourself as a character. What are you saying? Who are you saying it to? What do you need? And what will happen if you don’t get what you want? By working through each line in this way, you will personalize the song for yourself, finding a deeper connection with the story of your song. When you go back and add in the musical elements again, there will be more behind the words and the notes in the song.

What to Avoid

Leading up to your vocal audition, there are going to be a few foods you will want to avoid. At the top of the list is dairy products. These will increase the amount of mucus in your system. You are also going to want to avoid drying out your voice. This means ditch alcohol, caffeine, and excessive citrus foods. Avoiding sodas will also help avoid the build up of air within your diaphragm. Lastly, ice cold water is a big no, since it will make your throat constrict. Ultimately, a good way to keep your vocal folds healthy is by drinking warm water with lemon and honey. Although the lemon is a citrus, the honey with help soothe and coat your throat so it doesn’t dry out.

Manners Always Matter

The last tidbit of advice that will take you a long way is remembering that your vocal audition is not only the bars of music you sing. Your vocal audition starts the second you park your car. That means everyone you meet in the waiting room could be someone that could somehow have a say in your audition. If you act disrespectfully to anyone, word can get back to the auditors and they could easily decide that they want to avoid working with someone who could potentially be difficult. Therefore, be focused, but be pleasant and friendly. This is crucial at the end of your audition especially. Always thank your accompanist. No matter what, even if they forget to flip a page of music, remember to thank your accompanist at the end of your audition. Auditors look for this, and it leaves a lasting impression.

There you go! Keep these tips in mind the next time you prepare your audition material. But don’t get too bogged down, the most important part of an audition it to have fun.