Make Your Book Club a Success

Books are amazing! Creating a good one is an art form all to itself. Sadly with all the technology around us these days sometimes this gets lost in the mix. One of our favorite ways to fully experience a good book is to enjoy them with friends. That’s right, create a book club! Not only do you meet new people and catch up with old friends, but you also can exchange ideas, all while having a lot of fun!

Here are some ways to get started with your book club:


Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers and get a feel for who else could be looking for an outlet to discuss new books. You may be surprised by who shows interest. Also, consider going outside of the people you already know. Post on the bulletin at your local coffee shop. Meeting new people that share common interests is an all around plus.      

Picking the Books

So picking the books can be a bit trickier. You can go about this in several different ways:

Themes: You can all decided on a theme or genre you want the book club to focus on. This way, no matter the book, you can assure that it interests the members of the club.

Book list: Another alternative is to just pick a published book club list and read the books in order. This way, the pressure isn’t on anyone to pick a book each month. There are many lists out there, like Oprah’s or Big City Book Club’s, just to name a few.

Rotate choices: To avoid one person picking each book, or people feeling their voice isn’t being heard, considering rotating who picks the book each month!


While hosting can be fun for some people, it can be a huge point of stress for others. Instead, consider making it an option to meet in a different restaurant or coffee shop each month! Make sure it’s a place that is easy for everyone to get to and afford. While scouting the restaurant, check out how loud it can get. Quieter places are more conducive for healthy discussions of the book.


Once you have the above figured out, all you have to tackle is a time. Now this is really up to how the members of the club choose to approach it. You can either have a repeating set day and time, or send out a survey to figure out everyone’s free time each month.

There you are! More important than all of the above, is to enjoy yourself at each meeting. Best way to do this? Really challenge yourself in each discussion. See what you can learn from each other’s perspectives. Most importantly – fully engage with each member. If you have trouble just starting a discussion from scratch, consider starting with a set of topics from a reading guide. Either way, keep flipping those pages and be sure to like us on Facebook to stay in the loop for other great articles!