Marching Band Must Haves


Whether you are packing for band camp, or getting ready for a full season of marching band, there are some essential items you won’t want to forget. To get through the grueling hours that go into making a season successful, here are some must haves that will really help out:

  1. Your Instrument

Pretty self-explanatory, but too important to go without saying.

  1. Sunscreen/Lip Balm

Long hours in the sun call for some serious skin protection. Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof and SPF 30+. Keep your lips protected with some lip balm with SPF protection too. Just make sure to reapply!

  1. Comfortable Shoes

“Marching” may have given it away, but marching band requires a lot of time up and about on your feet. Don’t torture yourself, but instead, invest in a sturdy pair of tennis shoes.

  1. Extra Socks

Whether it’s to provide extra cushion for blisters, or just to keep dry when one pair gets rained out, having some spare socks on you can really save the day.

  1. Hat/ Sunglasses

Once again, protection from the sun is essential. Sunscreen and lip balm are great, but get some physical barriers between yourself and those rays with polarized sunglasses and a hat.

  1. Water

Water, water water! Being over-prepared when it comes to hydration will keep you on the safe side and alert.

  1. Three Ring Binder

You are gonna need a three ring binder to hold your drill sheets. Investing in some sheet protectors will come in handy too, especially in the event of rain. If you need to mark an adjustment, having a pencil on hand probably isn’t a bad idea either.

  1. Raincoat

So far, we have only covered sun protection. Don’t fret – it rains too. When it does, stay (relatively) dry with a sturdy raincoat.

  1. Bug Spray

Anytime you are spending a lot of time outside in the heat, bugs will rejoice. Beat the itch by bringing some bug repellent along.

  1. Snacks

Marching band is hard work, in the heat, and on your feet. Combine this with long hours, and you have a recipe for low blood sugar. Keep yourself energized with some healthy snacks throughout the day.

We hope this list helps make your marching band experience a success! Now depending on your instrument, this list can expand to include extra reeds and other specifics as well. Either way, get ready to work hard, have fun, and be prepared!

Tell us your marching band must haves below!