Must Haves in Your Camera Bag


Packing your camera bag is like packing a suitcase: the constant questioning of “Do I really  need this?”. Of course every camera bag needs a different set of tools. This  depends on the needs of the project, the photographer, or videographer. However, these are the must haves that should be found in every bag! Some are more obvious than others, but all are needed to complete any bag.

  1. Camera

It may seem like a no-brainer, but we thought we needed to say it.

  1. Lense

Preferably more than one, but ultimately the model and type depends on the needs of the specific project.

  1. Batteries

Making sure your camera actually has the ability to turn on is pretty essential. So just to be safe, make sure to pack extras!

  1. Battery Chargers

That’s right. Having these on hand will let you charge one set of batteries while another is in use so you don’t have to miss a single moment.

  1. Memory Cards           

Once again, pretty basic, but just like batteries, remember to pack extras!

  1. Gaffer Tape

There are probably a million ways gaffer tape saves the day on a shoot. It’s a must have, providing a strong hold without the leftover sticky residue.

  1. Markers           

We suggest both sharpie and dry erase. You never know when you might need to label something. Also, dry erase can be lifesavers when it comes to video/audio syncing for film work.

  1. Monitoring Headphones

This is more geared towards those doing film work than photography, but are a must to  get a true sense of the actual sounds you’re capturing.

  1. Polarizers

These are great for eliminating unwanted reflections and pave the way for clearer images.

  1. Rain Cover

Film equipment is expensive. A simple cover can go a long way in protecting it from  water damage.

  1. 3-2 Prong Adaptors

These little guys get forgotten a lot but can really save the day when shooting or filming  in older houses.

  1. Business Cards           

That’s right! Working on one project often leads to another, and how convenient to have  your contact information on hand.


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