Paint Nights & Why We Love Them

Chances are that if you haven’t been to a paint night yourself, you know of at least three people who have (thanks to their instagram account). Aside from being all the rave, paint nights are an awesome way to connect not only with friends, but with art. For those of you who’ve somehow missed the memo on just exactly what a paint night is, don’t worry, it’s pretty self-explanatory. With the help of a guiding artist, you and your friends are led through the creative process of creating a painting unique to you. Best part? You get to take home your new masterpiece!

We here at artsii seem to have a lot in common with paint night. Check out why we love this fun idea:

Supports Local Artists

Similar to artsii, paint nights support local artists. Each paint night comes with its own guiding artist. These events give local artists a chance to share what they love to do with their community.

Intersection of Community and Art

A paint night is more than a simple social event. It brings members of the community together at a local venue to celebrate a night out with art.

Welcomes New Artists

If you don’t have much experience with a paintbrush or canvas, it’s no big deal. Paint night events welcome both new and experienced artists. Dive in and see what you create!

Connects Artists

Paint night artists are usually buzzing with other artists. If you’re looking for a less intimidating networking venue, this is definitely it.

Promotes Fun!

On top of everything, paint nights are fun. You get to hang out with friends, meet new people, and create something new each time.

If you’re looking to find a paint night event near you, you probably won’t need to look too far. If you are an art teacher, art major, or just over 21 years old, check out the Paint Nite site to find an event in your area. Paint Nite hosts their events at local bars, so if you are looking to add wine to your paint mix, look no further. If you’re looking for a family event, check around with your local design studios or art galleries. These are popular spots for paint nights as well. Though it’s probably impossible, if you find yourself not seeing any events near you, get a group of friends together and host one yourself! Just remember to lay some newspaper down and wash your paintbrushes.

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