Preparation and Luck


Your alarm goes off each morning, and immediately your are assaulted by the list of tasks that need to be completed that day. You rack through them, scheduling them, and mentally checking off each one you complete as your day wears on. Go through the list again. Go through it honestly. Did you schedule in time for creativity?

If the answer is no, it only means that you are human. We are all busy. We all have agendas, and errands, and plans that need to get done. Time for creativity seems to always get pushed off to the side, to the tomorrows that never seem to happen. Soon enough a month can have passed and you find that haven’t worked on your creative craft. As this time in creative stagnancy grows, it only becomes more crippling to overcome.

The solution is to make it part of your day. That’s right. Schedule it in just like any other appointment. Make an appointment with your craft and devote this time solely to nurturing whatever your creative talents are. If you are a writer, sit down and write. If you are a painter, face your canvas. If you are a dancer, reserve studio space. Whatever your creative calling is, don’t count on it to always call to you. You must meet it half way.

A solid way to book this into your schedule is taking a class. Classes naturally force you to devote a scheduled time to your craft on a regular basis. It will also provide the structure that many people seek when it comes to creative arts, in addition to letting you collaborate with others. Get inspired by your fellow artists and reinvest yourself in your craft.

However, classes can be expensive and push the budget. But don’t let money be the reason you neglect your creative urges. If structure is what you’re seeking to solidify a creative habit, then in addition to scheduling time, designate a work space. This can be as simple as your own desk. But just have a space that is devoted to your creative process.

All of this being said, it may not be the most realistic to produce creatively each day. The thought can be daunting and almost impossible. Inspiration is key. But don’t let inspiration be your excuse to continually neglect your art. It should not be a crutch. If an honest effort is being put forth on a regular basis and yet you seem to be coming up short, go find your inspiration. Go to the theatre, or an arts exhibit, or the ballet. Read a new book that gets your thoughts stirring. Go to the gym to make sure your instrument is in the best condition possible. Just do something!

Ultimately, the point of all of this is preparation. Exercising your creative muscles on a regular basis will only strengthen you as an artist. It will prepare you for those unexpected moments of luck. Luck has the ability to open countless doors for artists, yet it shows up rarely and unannounced. Being in the right place at the right time is nearly impossible, so make sure to be prepared for your lucky moment!


Posted by Sanam Hashemi – artsii contributor