The artsii New Year’s Art Challenge


We here at artsii have a New Year’s challenge for you! This year, as you finalize your resolutions, consider having one for your the arts as well!

As we say farewell to 2016 and look forward to 2017, we should do so with the arts in mind. What did you accomplish within your craft this past year? What do you look to achieve in the coming year, or what can be improved? No matter the answer, reflecting on these questions can help you transition into 2017 with a clear and concise plan for not only pursuing your artistic goals, but supporting arts overall within your local community.

Last year, Americans for the Arts released an awesome blog article on 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2016. As we eagerly await the 2017 edition, we can’t help but recognize the points of positive impact highlighted in the article.  Among the list of reasons for supporting the arts is significant economic, social, and educational benefits. The article goes on to explain how these benefits are felt at the local, national, and international level.   

The artsii New Year’s Art Challenge:

Personal Resolution

You’ve done this every year, so it should be the easiest step. What do you seek to accomplish, overcome, or achieve in 2017?

Artistic Resolution

Like step one, this one should be personal. However, it should be a personal arts goal. What do you seek to create this year? What challenges within your craft do you plan to tackle head-on? What books related to your craft do you intend to study and analyze? Whatever the answer, gear this resolution towards personal artistic betterment.

Resolution to Support

This is the final step: how do you plan on supporting the arts? This can be as simple as frequenting a local movie theatre or museum. Or, it can be a vow to attend an entire ballet or theatre season. Or even, consider donating to arts programs, local art venues, or try one of our campaigns!


We here at artsii wish you a fun and safe New Year’s! Let us know your resolutions, and how you plan to keep the arts vibrant in your communities in the comments section below!