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The mission of the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project is to nurture healthy child development and reduce the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in Washington D.C.

We seek to create a city that provides every opportunity for children in families experiencing homelessness to succeed by ensuring consistent opportunities to play and learn, offering support services for families, and advocating for affordable housing and safe shelter.

You can learn more about us here! Be sure to check out our video too!

What We Need:

We are partnering with artsii to leverage their network of arts enthusiasts to help us purchase art supplies for our five program sites. some of the items that we are looking to purchase are as follows;

  • Bundles of paper goods such as poster board, construction paper, and white butcher paper
  • Classroom packs of Colorful Crayons, Markers, and Paint
  • Bottles of Elmers & glitter glue
  • Scissors & other arts tools
  • Fun crafts items such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and colorful beads

The Impact:

As housing prices rise, so do the number of families experiencing homelessness in our city. This vulnerable time in a child’s life presents unprecedented risk factors as families sleep in unsafe situations while they await shelter. Children in families who are granted emergency housing are admitted into a system that can compromise their needs and even threaten their safety. In many shelters, children are routinely denied the developmental opportunities and psychological support necessary for healthy child development. Recreation is often restricted in shelter environments and children are often denied necessities like toys, books, and a space to run around and call their own.

Our Volunteers each make a weekly commitment to protect a child's right to learn and heal through pay. They ensure that our child-friendly rooms don’t sit empty and that a safe space exists for children to explore, create and express themselves as a part of a normal, healthy childhood experience. Providing one-on-one attention to children and teens sends the message that they are important.

With your contribution the art supplies that we purchase will be used to help us to continue to provide these invaluable programs! We thank you for your support!

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Homeless Children’s Playtime Project
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