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Our Story


Reading and writing is the foundation of a solid education. However sometimes children learn at different paces and require creative teaching solutions to engage and empower them. We LOVE using art as one of these creative tools and look forward to raising the funds needed to buy some worthwhile educational supplies that will allow us to achieve this! 

What we need

We would like to buy;

  • (4) Alphabet dough stamp kits
  • (12) Visual puzzle kits for the whole classroom
  • (3) Creative arts games
  • (4) Alphabet sponge painting kits

If we do not meet our full goal we hope to get at least some of these items on the list!

The Impact

Getting these supplies will really help us positively impact our kids right from the beginning of the school year. As you can imagine the sooner we can engage them the more they learn throughout the year.


We are offering a limited number of premium custom artsii tee shirts provided by artsii to anyone who donates $30.00 or more!


Thank you for the support! We appreciate you helping us out and positively impacting our kids! 

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