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Our Story


The Department of Theatre & Dance is the oldest program of its type in the Mid Atlantic. While deliberately a broad based liberal arts program We still train with a demanding rigor that has yielded hundreds of successful artists including Actress Kerry Washington and Choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess. The heart of this intense training is our co-curricular performance spaces these spaces allow our developing artists a venue to sharpen their skills. The costs of maintain and improving these performance laboratories is enormous and in recent years funds have fallen short of the technical demands.

What We Need 

This campaign is an attempt to take the burden off our limited show budgets to restock some of the most important expendables that we need to stock in our scene shop for dance and other productions.  

Specifically we are campaigning for the purchase a case of Dance floor tape that is used to put down our dance floor for concerts, gaff tape that we use around the shop, and spike tape that our stage managers use to mark out the stage for rehersals. 

The Impact

Providing the best tools and current technologies is a critical component to hands on training for our student artists. The better the training leads to the higher the reputation of the program which allows us to recruit top talent; creating a cycle of excellence!


A special thank you to all those that have donated. We appreciate all monetary donations, every bit will help get us closer to our goal! 


Please give what you can and get the word out to all of our colleagues and friends. The artsii site provides several tools to assist in letting everyone know about this opportunity!

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