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Buckingham County High School has a growing drama club, but no official drama department.  I am an English teacher who is willing to sacrifice countless hours to ensure that the students in our rural community have an opportunity to experience live theater and be part of an actual production.

This year we would like to attend the annual Virginia Theater Association (VTA) Conference in Norfolk from Thursday, October 25-Sunday, October 28.  The conference provides workshops and break-out sessions on all aspects of theater arts from set design and stage make-up to combat fighting scenes and Shakespearean acting.  We stay for three nights and compete in a variety of competitions such as On-the-Spot Play Writing, Tech Olympics, and Disney Slam.

We need the registration fees ($1,505.00) covered for this event.  It costs $90 per student to attend.  The ticket sales from our spring play and our car wash fundraisers have provided enough for our hotel fees, but we need YOU to help us with conference registration. Many or our students in Buckingham and in the drama program are on free/reduced lunch indicating the low incomes of families.  If we don't meet our goal, VTA offsets our invoice by the amount we've raised and we pay the balance.  Help us meet the ENTIRE goal before Oct. 19!!  Spread the word by sharing our ARTSii link with others.  Last year we were able to raise the entire amount + $65.00 that was credited to our account for this year!!!

Come support our talented students!  We will be performing a student-written and directed one-act play on Friday, October 19 at Buckingham County High School auditorium at 7:00pm. Tickets are $4.00 at the door. The play is called Love is Broken Glass and is a modernized Romeo & Juliet love story.  The students have been working hard on this production since late August.  We'd love to see you there!

We appreciate your support in ANY amount.  Thank you for your willingness to support the arts in this very specific and special way.

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