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  • VTA is the largest state theatre association in the country. Its mission is to connect, develop, nuture and advocate for theatre people of all ages, at every level, from every corner of the Commonwealth. We work toward mission through six divisions: College & University, Community Theatre, Professional, Secondary (Middle and High Schools), Technical Theatre, and Theatre for Youth.
  • One of VTA's highest priorities is the development and encouragement of young theatre creatives. We have a robust internship and VTA Fellows fellowship program, and each year give scholarships to two promising young theatre graduates from high school. We honor one behind-the-scenes student and one theatre performance student, each with a $1,000 scholarship to help them along their way.
  • According to Forbes, “modern businesses embrace innovation and creativity as central missions, at least at a high level, with leaders expected to serve as imaginative guides.” Creativity springs from expression and imagination; it can’t be gotten by poring over deal memoranda and balance sheets. Whether or not you're passionate about the arts and arts practioners, if America is to continue in its role as global innovator, we must nurture the next generation of creative, out-of-the box thinkers. With national arts funding through the National Endowment for the Arts in peril, individuals, organizations, and corporate partners must take an active interest in bringing these young artists into full flower as creative contributors to our changing society.

What We Need 

  • We feel that this scholarship program is unique, in that it values theatre talent and achievement over grades and test scores. We think that we'll be able to reach Virginia's most talented students, who may not match their less artful peers in traditional measures of grades and test scores.
  • We need $2,000 to fund these two scholarships. If we are successful in funding them, we will expand the program to include two promising college graduates in performance and technical theatre, with a possibility of adding a third with interest in arts administration and leadership.
  • Your donation will be directed 100% to these two scholarships. If we raise more, we'll give more away. That is a promise.
  • Even if this campaign is partially funded, we will complete these two commitments through other means. So your donation will go to scholarships for gifted graduates, whether we raise the full amount or not.


  • We will make sure to tell you all about the students who are awarded VTA Scholarships in November, after our annual conference, when recipients are notified.
  • For a donation of $50, we will send you a handsome VTA decal. For a donation of $100 or more, we'll send you your choice of one of VTA's fabulous merchandise items, including apparel and accessories.


  • Please share this campaign with all your friends!
  • We are so lucky to be able to take advantage of the great tools artsii provides!
  • And finally, in the words of Mr. Shakespeare, we "can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

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