Our Process

1. Determine Your Needs

Before you even think about starting a campaign you need to figure out what you will actually need to achieve your goals! Educating yourself is the first step to any successful endeavor.

Luckily, it has never been easier to research new ideas or technology that will help solve your current challenges and help your program flourish! Check out our blog, search the web, or better yet reach out to a fellow artist in your community for answers! Once you figure out what you need you will be ready to move onto the next step.

2. Pick a Partner

Whether you are buying supplies for your arts classroom or looking to bring in a specialist to help further train you on the latest best practices, finding the right vendor is key!

Vendors who have signed up here at artsii share in your passion of the arts. Tell them more about what you are looking to achieve, listen to their feedback, and soon enough you will have a solid quote for what it will cost to realize your goals.

3. Create a Campaign

People think raising money is stressful, but it does not have to be!

Our platform is designed to be simple to use and allows even the busiest professionals to be able to quickly set up a campaign. By starting with an actual quote from a preregistered vendor, wrapping perks with defined costs into a campaign, and eliminating hidden fees you are left with a clear and easy to understand goal that takes out all the guesswork of raising the funds needed for a successful campaign!

4. Spread the Word

Your community WANTS to help! You just need to get your campaign out there!

Use the tools provided to share your campaign via social media, email, or good old fashion word of mouth! Try adding a few of the many cool perks and boosters our platform offers you to increase interest in your campaign to reach your goal quicker!

5. Achieve Your Goal

When we work together, victory is ours!

If your campaign meets its goal the funds are released directly to the vendor you partnered with and the items you were raising money for will be promptly shipped. In the event your campaign doesn’t meet its total goal you still win by receiving a partial credit with the vendor you partnered with, allowing you to use those funds for other items that can help your program. Either way, your arts programming benefits, thus further empowering the arts in your community!

Platform Benefits

Resource Center

Research what you need to make your program a success and then find vendors who have a passion for empowering the arts in our communities and are eager to help you.

Easy Campaign Setup

Simple, user intuitive interface designed to allow you to quickly set up a campaign

Customized Perks

Select a wide variety of customizable perks options that you can tailor to the needs of your campaign.


Unique add ons that can increase member participation within your organization.

Transparent Campaign Goals

See exactly what you need to cover perks and get the gear you need.

Donor Peace of Mind

Donors know that their donations are going to a vendor who is providing goods and/or services to the recipient organization of the campaign and that all perks will be delivered in a timely manner regardless of status of campaign.


Safe and Secure Transactions
Transparent Fees
Accepts Debit/Credit Cards
Safe and Secure Transactions
Transparent Fees
Accepts Debit/Credit Cards

Starting a Campaign

Only responsible for cost of Perks rolled into Campaign.

No Cost


Credit card processing fee will be added to the total donation.

2.9% + $0.30

* Vendors pick up all administrative fees charged by artsii.

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Raising the funds needed to enhance your arts programming has never been easier!

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