Our Mission

Is to build and enhance arts programming within our communities through facilitating relationships, educating schools and arts advocates, and harnessing the good will of the local community.

Why the Arts?

The most basic definition of the arts is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”, however this definition does not do the arts justice. Art is more than just paintings, music, or dance. It is a representation of all of us and our society!

On a more individual level, the skills one learns participating in the arts can be utilized in pretty much every other aspect of our lives. Nowhere do these valuable skills have more of an impact than with the kids in our local communities.

When we strengthen the programming in their schools and other venues, we give them the tools to be successful later in life. This not only has a positive impact on our local communities in the future, but also impacts the world in whole. We can make a positive impact and we can do it by embracing the arts!

The Community

Is made up of people who share a passion for the arts and believe in the positive impact they have on the community.

As a group of artists, creators, designers, students, and patrons we do not judge or criticize each other but embrace the exchange of ideas and are eager to help each other grow.

We dream big and make things happen!