Tis The Season To Sing


Tis The Season To Sing

Pulling into the final stretches of this holiday season, you may find you have a million things buzzing in your mind. Hopefully all the shopping is done. If not, no judgement from us! But as you’re wrapping those last minute gifts, or decorating the house, take some time to consider bringing in this Holiday season with song! That’s right: we’re talking about caroling. Whether it’s an old family tradition, or something you’ve never tried out, we suggest you make this year the year to sing out!

Caroling is defined as singing or saying something happily. Pretty easy, huh? Here are just a few more tips to really get your caroling group prepped and ready to go!


So, we usually know the tune of our favorite Holiday songs. The words? Maybe not so much. Having song books for your whole caroling crew will help keep everyone on the same page – literally!


Now candles are your best friends for two reasons. First, they are pretty! Second, they make your caroling path safer, lighting the way from house to house. Just don’t forget your candle holders to keep your hands protected from all the melting wax!

Warm Drinks

Depending on where you live, the days can get pretty chilly. Maybe you’re lucky enough to even have snow to set the mood! Either way, stay warm with your favorite warm beverage. Have plenty of hot cocoa, coffee, and heated cider on hand.

Jingle Bells

No caroling group is complete without a few bells to jingle. Not only do they fit the theme, but they keep the group in tempo.


Though the cocoa helps, nothing will keep you warm like bundling up! As much fun as singing is, it can be pretty tough to do through chattering teeth.


At the crux of the holiday season is a culture of giving. While sharing your song and cheer, consider baking a few extra cookies to hand out to the homes you visit while caroling. We are sure Santa can spare a few!

Festive Friends

‘Tis the season to get together with friends and family, right? That means, gather your most festive friends to complete your caroling group. Share your holiday spirit and love of song with your friends!

You are ready to carol! Start or continue the tradition of celebrating the Holiday season with song and merriment! Happy Holidays!