Five Minutes to Curtain

By artsii on 07/09/2017

“Actors, five minutes to places”. The call goes out across the intercom backstage and in the green room. While the Actors are busy putting the finishing touches on their costumes, the technical staff on the production burst into a flurry of activity not unlike like when NASA Mission Control is about to launch a rocket into space. This is live theatre, there are no redoes! For the next several hours many different departments and people must come togethe...



It was really easy to set up a campaign on artsii's platform. The best part was knowing exactly what we needed to raise so that we could focus more on our program and not stress about raising funds!

Mary Sullivan - Long Island, NY

I really appreciated artsii's approch of connecting me with a local vendor who was eager to help me figure out exactly what I needed to take my theatre to the next level!

James Alexander - Fairfax, VA

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