Make Your Book Club a Success

Books are amazing! Creating a good one is an art form all to itself. Sadly with all the technology around us these days sometimes this gets lost in the mix. One of our favorite ways to fully experience a good book is to enjoy them with friends. That’s right, create a book club! Not only do you meet new people and catch up with old friends, but you also can exchange ideas, all while having a lot of fun!

Here are some ways to get started with your book club: (more…)

It’s Not About the Steps


Ann Kilkelly, former professor of Tap, Dramatic Literature, and Women’s Studies at Virginia Tech discusses the evolution of tap dance and what beginners should consider when just starting to tap.  

When Ann Kilkelly found herself standing before her committee at her final dissertation presentation years ago, she exclaimed “I think they should tap dance.” Her committee was shocked. This was not the response they were expecting when they asked her what she would advise those looking to get through their graduate dissertation to do. Kilkelly went on to explain the benefits the dance form could have even for non-dancers. (more…)

Lights, Camera, Action; Why Clappers Are a Filmmaking Staple


Imagine a film set. What images pop up? Cameras, light panels, tv monitors, cast, crew, the black board thing that you slap together and call action, and…..Wait. Those “things” have a name. Actually, they have a ton of names. Primarily they are known as clappers. They are also referred to as slates, slate boards, clapperboards, clackers, time slates, and clapsticks. No matter what you call them, clappers have been a staple for filmmakers. Here’s why: (more…)

Marching Band Must Haves


Whether you are packing for band camp, or getting ready for a full season of marching band, there are some essential items you won’t want to forget. To get through the grueling hours that go into making a season successful, here are some must haves that will really help out: (more…)

Must Haves in Your Camera Bag


Packing your camera bag is like packing a suitcase: the constant questioning of “Do I really  need this?”. Of course every camera bag needs a different set of tools. This  depends on the needs of the project, the photographer, or videographer. However, these are the must haves that should be found in every bag! Some are more obvious than others, but all are needed to complete any bag. (more…)

Using Art to Heal


For those considering a career in the arts, therapy may not be the first idea that comes to mind. However, many hospitals, crisis centers, schools, and rehabilitation facilities are implementing art therapy. As a growing field, art therapy allows clients to apply themselves creatively, expressing their emotions through various artistic forms. Then, facilitated by an art therapist, they reflect on the work they create. (more…)

Relationship Advice: What Your Paintbrush Really Needs


Picking out a new paintbrush is a task that requires care and consideration. This is not solely due to quality paintbrushes running pricey, but because a painter depends on his/her tool to glide freely across the canvas with precision. Therefore, when buying a new paintbrush, ideally you are investing in a quality tool that can last many years. How do you help ensure that your new partner is at your side as long as possible? Like any other relationship, the key to success with your paintbrush is a little extra time and deliberate care.

What your paintbrush needs, but is too shy to say: (more…)

Think like an actor and nail your next job interview!


Let’s say you just got the call and you have an interview. Great! After months of hard work and endless applications, you are going to finally meet a potential employer face to face. But before you freak out, just breathe. You’ve got this. The skills you have gained as a performer have prepared you for this moment. You can rock any interview by simply putting into practice what you have learned throughout your arts training.

So let’s put this all into performance language: (more…)

What to expect when switching from incandescent lighting to LED fixtures in your theatre


LED lighting has come a long way in a few short years and is steadily becoming more and more commonplace in theatres of all sizes. The benefits are quite significant. Theatres can see a potential energy savings of upwards of eighty percent due to LEDs drawing less power and giving off significantly less heat. With no lamps to change and minimal maintenance needed, labor and material costs are also inherently less too. LEDs on the market are packed with lots of features previously not found on legacy incandescent fixtures. Most notably, the ability to be able to change the color of the light coming out of the fixture by manipulating the LEDs and not having to rely on a mechanical process such as a color wheel or physical gel can allow users a near infinite amount of color choices out of only one fixture, allowing you to do more with less fixtures! (more…)

Let Your Smartphone Work For You…and Your Next Film!


Following Samsung & Apple’s recent reveal of their dual-lens camera systems, and with steady improvements to phone camera specifications and accessories across the board, it’s no surprise that some independent filmmakers are steering toward the less-traditional style of smartphone  film-making. Of course, this kind of transition to a more efficient, cost-effective workflow is nothing new. Take for example journalism — and the fact that I’m coming at you live from my iPhone 5s.

So apply this to your newest film idea. You are planning production and realizing how expensive it is to make a film. It requires a lot of people, time, locations, and equipment. An awesome way for filmmakers with a tight budget to get their films made is to take advantage of what they already have at their disposal. This starts with your smartphone! (more…)