Tis The Season To Sing


Pulling into the final stretches of this holiday season, you may find you have a million things buzzing in your mind. Hopefully all the shopping is done. If not, no judgement from us! But as you’re wrapping those last minute gifts, or decorating the house, take some time to consider bringing in this Holiday season with song! That’s right: we’re talking about caroling.  Whether it’s an old family tradition, or something you’ve never tried out, we suggest you make this year the year to sing out! (more…)

Thanksgiving Hacks: Arts and Crafts


Take down the spooky cobwebs, and take out your glue sticks! With Thanksgiving approaching, your mouth may already be watering for some turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. What better way to make the time fly than to indulge in some festive decorating? But before you rush to the home goods aisle, take a detour to the crafting section. That’s right! Bring the whole family together before turkey day to make some of your favorite festive crafts projects. Check out this awesome list of craft ideas by Brit + Co to get yourself started! (more…)

Halloween Hacks: Makeup


So last week we filled you in on how to perfect your Halloween look with your wig. It’s time for the next step. No Halloween costume is complete without some spooky makeup. The trick to getting it just right? Well, it all starts with the materials you’re working with. So on October 31st, treat yourself.  Top off your costume the same way you would on a performance night. Put aside the face paint and pull out your stage makeup. The results will be worth it. (more…)

Halloween Hacks: Wigs


Whether you’re going as Effie Trinket this year, or pulling off the classic Cruella Deville, the perfect wig can make your Halloween costume (or for that matter your next theatrical show) a hit. But when it comes to getting your wig on straight, it can be its own event.

Here are a few tips to make your newly acquired hair last all night: (more…)

Preparation and Luck


Your alarm goes off each morning, and immediately your are assaulted by the list of tasks that need to be completed that day. You rack through them, scheduling them, and mentally checking off each one you complete as your day wears on. Go through the list again. Go through it honestly. Did you schedule in time for creativity? (more…)

Acrylic or Oil: Pick Your Perfect Paint

If you are looking to start painting, you might find yourself stuck in the art supply store scratching your head. With so many types of brushes, canvases, and paints to choose from, it can be a little tricky figuring out exactly what you are seeking. Don’t worry! It’s actually not all that difficult to wrap your mind around.

When it comes to paint, you are going to have to determine whether acrylic or oil paints suit your needs. Though many say acrylics are better for beginners, they both have their pros and cons, and can benefit you differently for different projects. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Consider these when picking between acrylic and oil: (more…)

A How-To-Film-Festival Guide for Young Filmmakers

If you are a young filmmaker or new to filmmaking, breaking into the film industry may seem impossible. Making films requires a lot of time, people, and resources. Getting an audience for your film can be an even more allusive challenge.

Don’t sweat it though! Before packing your bags and moving to Hollywood, consider taking advantage of what is already available to you as a filmmaker. More importantly, don’t overlook film festivals and how they can launch your career. (more…)

There is no “I” in team… or the arts for that matter

Untitled design (1)

Team building is a valuable life skill that we must teach our kids as early and as often as possible. Think about how many times as an adult you have worked together to get something accomplished. Whether it was in your home with your spouse or at the office with your coworkers; we work together all the time to accomplish things. When we work together seamlessly no task is too hard to complete. How do we teach this valuable skill? The first thing that crosses the mind is that we must get our kids involved in some type of sport or other competitive activity. All too often the arts get overlooked as a great place to teach these skills! (more…)